Movement is an integral element of a healthy community.

At Quartyard, our team’s goal is to create opportunities for others to create in a safe environment… and when Mike Williams (creator of R&B Block Party at Quartyard) came to us with the idea of interweaving Taco Tuesday with a Pop-Up Roller Rink, it was easy to say yes.

San Diego has a vibrant roller skate culture and we’ve learned that it has sometimes been a challenge to hold a safe space for roller skaters to do their thang. Last week, videographer Greg Watts, and a crew of some amazing community members, came by to document their art at Quartyard. (Big shout out to all the roller skaters for coming out!)

Check it…

Video by: Greg Watts

The Details: On Tuesday, Nov. 10th from 6pm-9pm Quartyard will be transformed into a hybrid pop-up roller rink and eatery. We will be clearly marking a large area for up to 20 roller skaters to flow as well as mark off a safely distanced dining area for guests to enjoy Taco Tuesday dining. We have a 11,000 square feet of flex space to successfully and safely accomplish this.

Roller Skaters: Register today, space is limited, and registration is free!

Dining Guests: Grab your reservation to dine at Quartyard and watch the flow of some of San Diego’s brightest roller skaters from a socially distanced dining area.

The social experiment continues… We hope to see you Tuesday, November 10th!

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