Inspiration favors motion.   We need your help to keep our art community moving  this summer. 

A core pillar of Quartyard is to ACTIVATE ART

We believe that radical activation can create radical change and now more than ever our ability to inspire through art is much needed. 

These visual stories motivate, inspire, and empower our community. 

Our budget for artists has been sorely affected by COVID-19.  Any contribution would be amazing.

With the funds raised, we will continue to curate our summer art program at Quartyard and we will livestream the art as it is created so anybody can watch it from the comfort of their home or office.

By supporting,  we will be able to activate our venue with art and provide much needed paid projects for local artists. 

Donate $20 or more and we will send a limited edition Quartyard facemask!

[masks will be mailed weekly, we will need mailing address after donating]

Thank You for your support, 

more info about our ART PROGRAM
photos by: Javier Luna