San Diegans!

It’s warming up once again and it’s marvelous. At Quartyard we absolutely adore dogs and want them to enjoy our dog run as much as possible, so we came up with three easy tips to help keep the fun going.  

We also recently added umbrellas and a belly table for added shade and a place to put your drinks!


Before you enter the dog run, try letting Fido stroll the block in hopes they’ll relieve themselves before entering. Although it’s not required to do so, it is very much appreciated as it will help minimize undesirable odors; even more so since summer is here and the high temperatures will intensify those doggy smells. The park is cleaned three times daily with a mix of odor fighting liquids, as well as a utilized gravity transfer flow system for the dog run.

It’ll be a lot easier to maintain if we can all get our pups to go potty before they set paw.


It’s a grand sight to see as much as 50-250 dogs come through #YourCityBlock throughout the day. When the dog run is busy (7 or more dogs), reconsider bringing toys to avoid unnecessary aggression and fights. The majority of altercations between pups are involve toys and we would love to see less of that.  

On a similar note, if you know your dog isn’t a fan of crowded spaces it may be a good idea to let the crowd thin before bringing him/her into the run.


Last but not least, please stay with your dog when in the dog run. We know it happens sometimes, the paw-rents step out to grab a drink and forget about their pup. This mistake tends to get your furry child on edge and could potentially lead to a dog brawl. By the time the owners rush back to break it up, it has gone on too long. This could easily be prevented by staying with your pup. Try to see it from Fidos perspective: you’re in a completely new area with a lot of strangers and the person you love the most in the entire galaxy just left you behind. A rush of emotions ensue. Please make things easier for everyone by being inside the dog run while your fur-baby is having fun.

These tips we think can help everyone enjoy #YourCityBlock. We hope to see you and your pups having a blast with fellow dog lovers. Check Quartyard’s calendar and their Instagram on the regular to stay up to date about new information, weekly dog run hours, and special events for your dogs!

Please read the rules and regulations of the Quartyard Dog Run and feel free to contact us on our Instagram messenger if you have any other suggestions on how we can make the dog run a positive experience for you and your furry best friend!