Channeling the nostalgia of chilling in a SDSU dorm room speeding through zippy files and Limewire downloads searching for that next new great band, we sifted through over 120 indie albums and came up with a robust list of great independent music that has been released in 2020.

The genre is indie/alternative, atmospheric, pop and each one of these tracks has an entire new album to explore. (On Spotify)

*Best played while having no place in particular to go and all the time in the world.*

Art by: Free Humanity (Quartyard I)

As life happens, we get busy, and often do not make time to slow down and do the things that made us the happiest in our youth. No better time than the present right? (if you’d like the extra long playlist to go deeper down the rabbit hole shoot a DM to our Instagram.)

Some new bands that we are especially digging right now:

P.S. For extra chill points, we’ve been playing HD train rides on mute while listening to add some extra tranquility.

The Quartyard team will continue to share resources that have lent to helping us maintain a level head for mind, body, and soul during these funky times.

We wish you the best and can’t wait to gather again soon.

Justin + Quartyard team