Grand Artique and Quartyard present the rising duo Moontricks along with Kr3ture, a equally amazing artist from Santa Cruz, California at Quartyard Friday, September 12th.

Here’s a taste of what is in store…

“Get Up N Go” makes you want to get up n dance. A collaboration with The Funk Hunters, who are well known festival headliners.

Buffalo Springfield’s legendary track “For What it’s Worth” is flipped upside down with this blues laced and bass backed rendition just released by Moontricks. Definitely hope this one is played Friday, September 10th at Quartyard.

If “Home” were a food, it’d be a delicious Brisket. A slow and low bass beat with a catchy banjo and harmonica hook.

KR3TURE creates powerful, fun, and emotive music using gritty acoustic and deep electronic ingredients. His unique signature sound of bass music is soulful and sexy, making bodies move and spirits lift. (Spotify)

Tickets are only $15 presale and $20 at the door.