We are more than pleased to announce the first activation scheduled for the summer art program; we will be calling upon the talents of San Diego based artist España Garcia Feucht.

España is known for a style inspired by our oceans, street art, surrealism and the human condition.

These different focal points in her work stem from a life spent in California, which she traveled to with her family from Mexico when she was 10. While in California, España pursued a bachelors degree in Art History, Criticism & Curating from UCSD.

Before receiving her degree España took her two last elective courses in painting, not knowing they would change the direction of her life. Moved by her professor’s words “Our gifts are not for us to keep,” España began her path down the road to a full time artist.

España will be on site from Monday 07.20 to Sunday 07.26 painting her piece for Your City Block. We encourage you all to view the live stream via Facebook or if you are in the neighborhood stop by for a meal at the venue while she is painting.

Quartyard is still seeking to hit our fundraiser goal for our summer art program so your help is greatly appreciated. The funds generated from the fundraiser will go directly to supplying paid projects for artists in San Diego.