We have an amazing opportunity to create a 7 story mural right here in East Village! This mural will be displayed on 13th and Market St. right next to Quartyard and we’re asking for your contribution.

With a small donation, we can help our neighborhood and non-profit partner, Key Conservation, in completing an amazing mural!

We’ve always believed that radical activation can create radical change and it takes a village to achieve great things.

Thank you for your continued support in the social experiment that is YourCityBlock. 

About The Project: 

Key Conservation is an organization aimed at seeking real-time global support for wildlife conservation. In our efforts to increase awareness, we’re working with local San Diego artists, Carly Ealey and Christopher Konecki, to create a mural that represents everything we stand for while beautifying our neighborhoods.

The message “Empowering Hope” shines beneath the peregrine falcon, highlighting the rare and endangered Torrey Pine tree in the foreground. These two species were selected for their aesthetic beauty, their relationship to San Diego, and their roles in the conservation endeavor.

After receiving a generous contribution from East Village Association, we’ve almost reached our goal needed to implement the project, but aren’t quite there yet.

The mural will be located on 13th and Market street in downtown San Diego. For those who donate $50 will receive a free poster and those who donate $100 will receive a limited edition t-shirt.