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Date & Time: Sat, Aug 10 @ 9:00am - 12:00pm

Location: Quartyard

Address: 1301 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101


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Engage your inner playful, creative, and vulnerable selves; be bold and gracefully embrace the sensations of physical and mental discomfort; quiet your body and mind, allowing your inner wisdom and presence to shine through.

This multi-session journey is a curious and courageous investigation designed to immerse you in a world of buoyancy and discovery. It allows you to simply say “yes” to holistic and improvisational activities that help you process stress, experience love through vulnerability, align your focus, and embrace the playfulness of the world around you.

Clown Warrior Sage, presented by Umbrella Ship, is a series of integrated curiosity-based workshops designed to investigate the enriching relationships between:

  • Play and failure (Clown)
  • Comfort and discomfort (Warrior)
  • Action and non-action (Sage)


Session 3: August 10th

Yin Yoga, essential oils, cold plunge, sauna, coffee, tea, music, performances, facilitated play and dance sessions.


What to Bring: yoga mats, water bottle, towel, bathing suit, flip flops, warm clothes

*Please come freshly showered upon morning arrival

3 Hours| All Ages