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Date & Time: Thu, Oct 26 @ 5:30pm - 9:00pm

Location: Quartyard

Address: 1301 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101


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Good Morning are rulebreakers. Not in a sexy, flamboyant way — more in a casual, resigned kind of way. Accidental and incidental rulebreakers. They tune their guitars weirdly and make albums shorter than some peoples’ EPs; their career has progressed in fits and starts, some years bringing an abundance of music and others bringing nothing at all. They are friends first, band second, business third, often in spite of function, and often at their own expense; they choose the wrong singles, and insist on doing everything, from posters to merch to album covers to music videos, by themselves, often painstakingly. These things don’t break the moral and social rules rock stars are so fond of toeing — of course, Good Morning are decidedly not rock stars — but they are the kinds of things you’re not “supposed” to do if you want any kind of success or stability in music; still, every time the machinations of the industry have zigged, Good Morning have zagged.

With the creation and release of their sixth album, Barnyard, the band, comprising Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, are breaking a couple more quiet, self-imposed rules. For the first time in a long time, a Good Morning record was made with the help of an outside engineer (Tom Schick / in-house engineer at Wilco’s studio The Loft), and will be released on a label that’s not operated by a friend. That may seem small potatoes, but for a duo often hell-bent on keeping things firmly in the fold this widening of scope to take in outside influence, and American outside influence at that, is a very big deal. Other artists may trade in “eras”, grand visions, aesthetic reinventions, but that’s not really Good Morning’s deal. It’s probably why people like them so much.

This is an all ages event presented by Soda Bar hosted at Quartyard.