Event Details

Date & Time: Sat, Feb 11 @ 3:00pm - 7:00pm

Location: Quartyard

Address: 1301 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101




After years in development, we are excited to officially announce the launch of the Key Conservation platform on Saturday, February 11, 2023, at Quartyard in downtown San Diego!

The Key platform, designed by wildlife biologists, transports individuals to the front lines of conservation by connecting them to conservation organizations from around the world with real-time actionable steps they can take to make a difference with their skills, funds, and in-person support.

Event Highlights include:

  • Be the first to download and use the Key Conservation platform and learn about our upcoming features.
  • See our incredible “Empowering Hope” mural by Carly Ealey & Chris Konecki up close right behind the Quartyard venue!
  • Meet with our special guest, Pilllar Skateboards, and learn about their mission to be the world’s first climate-positive skateboard company.
  • Enjoy live music, drinks, food, and of course fun!
  • Learn about the global conservation organizations that are utilizing the Key Conservation platform for their critical work.
  • Grab some Key swag and show your support
  • Tickets are free!


Key Conservation is helping global conservation organizations receive critical funding and support through our platform (available on mobile and desktop) that allows individuals give their professional skills, funds, and in-person support to critical, short-term, and long-term campaigns and receive real-time feedback on how their support made a difference.

Every individual has the ability to make a difference in the world and the Key Conservation platform provides the tools to empower it. Designed by wildlife biologists, the Key platform is a place where conservationists can come to find real-time global support from individuals when all other traditional means fall short. Key is unique in that it provides transparent and real-time interactions between conservation organizations and supporters. This insight provides the supporter with a more comprehensive look at what day-to-day conservation efforts and struggles truly look like and showcases how even small actions from one individual can lead to tremendous impact.


The Key Conservation platform, available on mobile and desktop, will have a scrolling feed that updates as needs from conservation organizations occur in real-time. Supporters will be transported all over the world to the front lines of conservation and be given three ways to take action immediately. The first way is through the feature called Skilled Impact, which enables supporters to give their professional skills to help conservation projects. For example, a graphic designer could help with an outreach campaign or a drone operator could help with collecting data in a remote study area. Tapping into these skills could save conservation organizations thousands of dollars while creating a lifelong connection with a supporter. The second feature allows supporters to give funds to a conservation project to help with issues happening in real-time or long-term goals. Lastly, the In-Person feature allows supporters to be alerted to real-time volunteer opportunities in their area through geo-based push notifications. This feature updates automatically as people travel worldwide, alerting them to work being done within a customized range. For example, if a conservation organization needs help pushing their patrol vehicle out of the mud or they want to alert locals of a sea turtle hatchling release they can send out a push notification to supporters within a set radius.

After the contribution has been put to use the conservation organization will send a photo/video update to the supporter to show how their individual support made a difference

Many organizations that are vital to the survival of specific species and habitats are facing cuts to funding and reduced local and global exposure. They also lack the time and/or personnel to run large fundraising campaigns but need additional support in several areas. We believe that through the Key Conservation platform small contributions that are compounded can result in substantial impact and change.

Learn more here: https://www.keyconservation.org