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Date & Time: Sun, Feb 24 @ 8:00am - Sun, Mar 17 @ 9:00am

Location: Quartyard

Address: 1301 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101


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My core objective is to engage you in a deeper awareness of how your dog communicates. Gaining a better understanding of what they are thinking; reading their body language.

Whether or not we realize it, our dogs are learning every moment so that means we must make sure we are teaching our dogs the right behavior.

Ask yourself, how can we get our dogs to do what we want?

Join David Lopez, graduate of DTIA with ABA certification, as he guides you in ways to:

  • Learn ways to give your dog more mental stimulation
  • Learn to understand how your dog communicates to you,
  • Learn the basics: sit, stay, down, loose leash walking nicely, recall and socialization (with new people and new dogs)
  • Learn to build trust and a better connection with your furry friend and understand the powerful connection you build with your dog while spending quality time with fido.
  • Like Humans dogs can engage in mental time travel, Imagining the past and pondering the future

Classes are $90 for (4) 1 hour training sessions, limit 9 dogs per class

Classes will start occur on
Sunday 02.24 @ 8-9 AM
Sunday 03.03 @8-9 AM
Sunday 03.10 @8-9 AM
Sunday 03.17 @8-9 AM

Late sign ups are welcome. If a class is missed please coordinate with David to reschedule at your connivence.

Class 1: Motivation and the economics of behavior will be the main topic. We will also go over the first steps of sit, down, stay and Watch me (eye contact)
Class 2: Confidence building and Trust will be discussed in detail. Expand on stay and the beginning steps of recall.
Class 3: Communication and body language (why your dog barks and pulls ahead). Expand more on stay and Intro to loose leash walking. Review on sit and down commands.
Class 4: The importance of exercise /mental stimulation and helping your dog to be calm and more relaxed. Review of all the commands. Small test on down stay and a walk with your dog.